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Arnon, Tadmor-Levy proudly stands at the forefront of the Israeli legal arena. Our professional approach integrates legal expertise with creativity, complemented by a deep understanding of the unique needs of a broad client base, from both Israel and around the world. Our comprehensive range of legal services and solutions, in diverse practice areas, is backed by a proven track record of success.

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Our firm benefits from a uniquely large number of partners, leading world-class practice areas in their respective fields of expertise. We are committed to the uncompromising levels of professionalism, legal expertise, innovative vision, integrity and legal ethics that have characterized our firm over the course of decades. We are proud of our outstanding lawyers, particularly those who have recently been appointed to two of Israel’s top legal offices – the Attorney General and the Supreme Court.


An integral part of our practice, our pro bono legal representation and involvement in social responsibility initiatives have truly made a difference to individuals and communities throughout Israel. Through these projects, in which we have invested many thousands of hours, we help those of lesser means, not-for-profit organizations, and social action initiatives.