Yahal specializes in real estate and real estate financing. Yahal provids comprehensive services to a diverse clientele, including banks, large non-bank credit institutions, and real estate companies in Israel. Her expertise spans a broad spectrum of activities within this field, commencing with due diligence for various real estate businesses and encompassing financing transactions for entrepreneurs and purchasing groups. Yahal is adept at examining liens and collateral, representing clients throughout transactions, and ensuring seamless care and representation from the signing of documents to transaction completion.

In addition to her proficiency in real estate financing, Yahal is deeply involved in the establishment of income-generating projects, urban renewal initiatives (TAM and building clearance), and the sale of apartments, offices, and commercial spaces. She also specializes in representing companies in financing agreements with banks and various financing entities, as well as assisting entrepreneurs in the development and sale of agricultural lands for improvement purposes.

Continuing her professional journey, Yahal played a pivotal role in establishing a mortgage system for a leading non-bank credit company and represents one of Israel’s largest banks in financing transactions related to construction evacuation projects, TAMA projects, various purchase transactions, and financing for purchasing groups. Her unique expertise extends to group purchases, where she collaborates with group organizers and project managers from land acquisition to project completion.

Yahal collaborates seamlessly with other departments within the office, offering valuable insights on financing, liens, and collateral. She commenced her legal career with Berkman Wexler Bloom & Co. and officially joined the firm as an attorney in 2018. Yahal, who completed her law studies at the University of Haifa in 2011, officially qualified as a lawyer in Israel in 2012 and has been an integral part of the firm since January 2023.


  • Representation of a real estate company in taking credit in a syndication deal, one of the first in Israel.
  • Representation of one of the largest banks in Israel in the financing of two large construction evacuation projects in Netanya.
  • Accompanying a non-bank credit company in setting up a mortgage system.
  • Accompanying one of the largest banks in Israel in the financing of a purchasing group for the establishment of a commercial bank in Kiryat Gat.
  • Accompanying a purchasing group in the construction of a luxury tower in Tel Aviv.
2011 Haifa University | LLB
2012 Israel
Yahal Baumel

Yahal Baumel

132 Begin Road, Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv 6702101, Israel
Yahal Baumel