Yoran Gill specializes in litigation, tort law, and insurance and environmental claims. Focusing on complex cases in these areas, he represents some of the largest corporations – including foreign insurance companies – engaged in legal proceedings taking place both in Israel and abroad.

Across his areas of expertise, Yoran also has extensive experience in representing large firms in international arbitrations. He has successfully represented industrial corporations in the largest environmental cases to ever take place in Israel, such as the Kishon River and Ramat Hovav industrial zone cases, as well as in litigation resulting from the Mount Carmel forest fire. He also represents lawyers in malpractice claims.

Yoran lecturers before the Israel Bar Association and in other forums. 

Prior to joining the firm as a partner in 2016, Yoran was a partner in another of Israel’s law firms.


Yoran Gill
1995 Tel Aviv University | LLB
1995 Israel
Yoran Gill

Yoran Gill

132 Begin Road, Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv 6702101, Israel
Yoran Gill