Key Requirements
    • At least one and a half years remaining in your degree.
    • Fluent in English – mandatory.
    • Excellent self-learning capabilities and strong team player.
    • Experience in marketing, digital, and business development is preferable.


      • Identify, test, review and apply AI and other legal and innovative technology tools and products.
      • Be a core member of a legal tech steering group.
      • Collaborate with lawyers to understand and address their needs from a legal technology perspective.
      • Identify opportunities to innovate, improve efficiencies and create new solutions utilising existing and new technologies.
      • Create and run training sessions on tools and platforms for lawyers and other professionals.
      • Proven experience in the evaluation, selection, and implementation of legal tech solutions– significant advantage.
      • Prior experience in a similar role within legal technology, gained in a legal, professional services, or complex corporate environment – significant advantage.
      • Prior experience in specification and development of technology products and solutions – an advantage.
      • Prior experience in training and implementation of technology solutions within organizations – an advantage.
      • High level of understanding of the legal technology landscape, key technology partners, the legal profession, and how similar organisations apply legal technologies – required.
      • A leader, with the ability to forge internal and external relationships, drive projects and programs, teach and instruct – required.
      • Proficiency in Hebrew and English– required.


        Become part of a global network
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        Any Questions?

        To attract the best candidates, we have developed a comprehensive recruitment process that looks at both professional and personal aspects. Each candidate meets with at least two interviewers: first with the direct manager they would work with if accepted, followed by a second interview with the Human Resources department. Sometimes, a third interview is conducted with the partner or manager responsible for the specific department, this stage may include a knowledge test in the relevant field. It is important to know that a dedicated team from our Human Resources department will accompany you throughout the process and will be there to answer any questions you may have.

        We understand that job interviews can sometimes be stressful. We therefore ensure that you meet with various interviewers and are provided multiple opportunities to express yourself in the best way possible. We recommend arriving at the interview early, considering travel, parking, and orientation times. You can even arrive a bit earlier, sit in our lobby, enjoy the coffee, and get a feel for the office atmosphere. As with any interview, you should create optimal conditions for yourself, and so we suggest you don’t come hungry, thirsty, or tired – this way you can present the best version of yourself. Additionally, knowing a bit about us before the interview will make it go much smoother. We make sure to read your resume, and so we recommend that you read up about our history, activities, and achievements, this will help you to find interesting conversation topics that will 'break the ice' and ease the tension.

        Excellent question :) At Arnon, Tadmor-Levy, our employees truly are at the centre. This isn’t just a slogan or lip service, it’s what happens daily. We see and accompany our people in all aspects of life - their needs, aspirations, challenges, and joys. This is one of our core value, and we experience its wonderful results every day. Alongside this, our aspiration for uncompromised professionalism in all areas of the firm's activities provides added value and a contagious sense of achievement for both new and existing employees. Add to this our significant pro-bono work, which fills us with immense pride, the professional breakthroughs led by our partners, the firm's involvement in shaping and implementing national legislation, and so much more. In a sentence: Joining us means being part of a warm, professional organization, that loves its people and what we do.

        At Arnon, Tadmor-Levy you will find expertise across many legal fields, including litigation, commercial, regulatory, high-tech, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, finance, and more. But above all, we are proud of our unique ability to provide professional, interdisciplinary, in-depth responses in various and diverse fields of activity. Thanks to close collaboration between the different departments within the firm, we deliver on our promise, and bring results and achievements. We also offer a wide range of opportunities for professional growth and fulfillment in any field you choose to specialize in.

        We wholeheartedly believe that investment in our employees' personal development is advantageous for all. In fact, it is in our interest to provide every employee with a solid foundation for growth, advancement, and learning, and in return receive curiosity and knowledge that bring added professional value. We accompany employee development processes on several levels, offering external courses, internal training, event analysis, and lectures by leading professionals. Additionally, as part of their daily work, our employees receive regular mentoring and guidance from the experienced, veteran professionals within the firm. With a proven track record leading their field at the national level, our mentors deliver success while also playing a significant role in the growth processes of each and every employee.

        Yes, a lot. Our worldview is to specialize, excel, lead – and give back where we can make an impact. The cases chosen for pro-bono representation are those that touch our hearts and motivate us to help those who cannot afford proper legal representation. In addition, our employees regularly engage in volunteer activities, alongside partners who hold key positions in various charities. The entire firm assists in matters of formation, employment, and organization for non-profit organizations dealing with disadvantaged and vulnerable populations, discharged soldiers, needy communities, animal rescue and rehabilitation, and more. Visit the social responsibility and pro-bono page on our website to see for yourself!

        If you have a passion for professionalism, readiness for intense, yet exciting, rewarding work – you should join us. If you enjoy being around people, wish to be part of a leading, determined, cohesive team – there's a good chance you belong with us. Remember, we’ll get to know each other better during the recruitment process. We’ll feel if there is chemistry and a good fit, and you will have a chance to ask all your questions, then together we will understand if there’s a match that can last.

        A leading firm is made up of leaders. We encourage every partner and employee to stay up to date and invest time and resources in learning, thinking, and consulting - in every field of work. Joint learning processes, publishing analyses and opinions, inter-departmental think tanks, and other organizational tools (which you will get to know after joining us) keep us a step ahead in the legal world. In addition, we remain on top of the technological and legislative changes taking place locally and globally. Together with the rest of the legal world, we navigate the digital era – looking at issues such as the integration of artificial intelligence into our day-to-day work, the role of lawyers in the future, how to maintain creative, human, thinking in a digital environment, and much more.

        Without detailing the complete employment package offered for the various roles, we can confidently say that we stand at the forefront of Israeli law firms in regards to employment conditions. Beyond salary and generous social benefits, our employees enjoy a unique benefits package, rich and varied welfare activities, continuous learning processes, and other benefits. We will provide all the details and numbers during the recruitment process, coordinating expectations transparently and without surprises.

        Arnon, Tadmor-Levy has offices in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Your base is dependent on the department you are recruited into, but as part of the hybrid model, established in recent years, we offer flexibility – so you can move between offices and sometimes work from home. We always strive to find the most suitable arrangement for you and the firm and do everything possible to satisfy business needs with the personal needs and wishes of each employee.

        Thinking ahead? We love that. Our lawyers lead and pioneer the legal fields in the Israeli market, and it's not just us saying that. You'll find them at the top of lawyers' ranking lists in various courts, and in different disciplines, leading groundbreaking legal initiatives, court rulings, Supreme Court decisions, and national policy issues. Even on the international stage, we have made a name for ourselves as a leading, highquality firm that provides fast, precise responses to clients from across the world. Our employees are connected, leading, and pioneering professionals, and being part of such a team will advance your career - as it has for many others.

        More questions?

        please feel free to contact me directly