Regulation and Government


Arnon, Tadmor-Levy’s Regulation and Government practice represents a broad spectrum of Israeli and international clients, helping them navigate the intricate regulatory landscape, drawing from a rich background of experience gained in some of Israel’s most pivotal regulatory developments. Recognizing the evolving nature of both industry standards and governmental regulation, we have positioned ourselves at the forefront of providing the highest quality guidance in these domains.

We advise and represent our clients on a wide range of regulatory matters, including governmental reforms in different sectors, legislative processes, and policy changes; price control; privatization and the unique regulation governing former state-owned companies; foreign direct investments in Israel, and many more. Our team also regularly represents clients in highly-complex economic matters in petitions before the High Court of Justice.

Dr. David E. Tadmor, a managing partner of the firm and a luminary in Israeli public law, along with key figures like Adi Wizman, bring unparalleled depth to our practice.

Held in high esteem by peers and acclaimed in both local and international regulatory circles, our Regulation and Government practice is known for its promptness, precision, creativity and comprehensive approach. Client feedback, as highlighted in industry benchmarks like Duns 100 and BDiCode, reflects our unique regulatory expertise.

We cater to a wide range of sectors and are known for our agility in bringing together expert teams of specialists, across diverse regulatory and governmental areas.

Our team has unique experience in conducting dialogue, and appearing before various government ministries and authorities, providing representation before Knesset committees, as well as public and governmental committees, and taking part in legislative and administrative processes on behalf of our clients.

Our experience includes representing clients in the following major regulatory and governmental events:

  • The Parliamentary Inquiry Committee known as the Kabel Committee, which addressed the conduct of the financial system concerning credit arrangements for significant business borrowers.
  • The Shtrom Committee, which was focused on enhancing competitiveness in prevalent banking and financial services in Israel.
  • The Sheshinski Committee, which was tasked with determining the State’s share in the nation’s natural resources.
  • The German Committee, which was dedicated to fortifying the public health system in Israel and spearheading health system reforms.
  • Settlement procedures between the State, public hospitals, and health funds.
  • The universal refueling device reform in the petroleum sector.
  • Legislative frameworks concerning autonomous vehicles.
  • Strategies and regulations for supplying natural gas to household consumers.
  • The Public Advisory Committee for Reducing Concentration and Increasing Competition in the Food and Toiletries Market.