Oren Roth specializes in representing public and private entities in infrastructure projects and international tenders involving governmental companies, banks, infrastructure, commuter railways, solid and liquid waste management, water purification and other utility projects. He is integrally involved with many high-profile public government tenders in Israel, including drafting and negotiating multi-faceted tender documents, advising tender committees, providing legal opinions, advising on the drafting of legislation and regulations, and representing the public sector in court petitions and complex and intensive arbitration proceedings.

With extensive experience in litigation proceedings concerning infrastructure projects and tender law, Oren represents the State and other governmental and public entities in court proceedings, as well as banks, contractors, water corporations, and other clients. He provides ongoing services and representation, both with regard to commercial law in general, and particularly regarding administrative law petitions and issues related to projects and tenders.

Oren also represents the public sector in three of the largest transportation projects in Israel – the Jerusalem Light Rail, the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Light Rail (O&M Tender) and the Haifa Metronit, three projects leading to the introduction of the next generation of environmentally–friendly public transportation in Israel.

Oren joined the firm in 2004 and became a partner in 2012.


  • Serves as a legal advisor to the Light Railway Project in Jerusalem with regard to many aspects of the project, and handles the majority of the representation of the public sector in the complex and intensive arbitration proceedings between the public sector and the Concessionaire, consisting of dozens of suits, motions, and other legal documents.
  • Represented the firm’s various clients in dozens of administrative law petitions and issues with regard to projects and tenders.
  • Serves as the leading lawyer representing NTA – Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd., a government company, in the Operation & Maintenance Tender of the 1st (Red) Line of the Tel Aviv Light Rail Transit (LRT) Project – one of the largest and most complicated transportation and infrastructure projects in Israel. Oren has represented NTA in various additional projects and administrative petitions.
  • Served as a legal advisor to the Ministry of Transport in various tenders and innovative transport projects, promoting the reduction of polluting substances, consumption of environmentally–friendly energy sources, electric–based transport methods, and gas–based transport methods.
  • Served as a legal advisor to the Ministry of Transport in the mass transport project in Haifa (Metronit) – an innovative project introducing environmentally-friendly hybrid buses. 
  • Represented governmental companies in BOT & PFI projects, including representing Israel’s Ministry of Finance in various PPP projects.
  • Represented the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructures, and the Public Utility Authority for Electricity in a tender to operate the PV2 solar power plant in the Negev.
  • Represented the Ministry of Finance and the Prime Minister’s Office in a public tender for building and operating the national archive in the city of Arad.
  • Served as a legal advisor to the Ministry of Transport in many tenders for the privatization of public transport lines and other complex tender processes, including representation and direct correspondence with public transport operators.
  • Served as a legal advisor to the Ministry of Transport in the prequalification stage as part of Stage B of the Plan for Introduction of Competition in Public Transportation, pursuant to which at least six large-scale tenders shall be published. 
  • Represented the Ministry of Public Security in a complex technology tender for the building, operation and maintenance services of an electronic system, to enable enforcement by the Israeli Police of traffic criminal offences (Project A/3), including ongoing advice and services throughout the tender and implementation stages of the project.
  • Represented clients in the area of well contamination and well-water treatment & purification (including with relation to the military industry and substances), in tenders by local authorities (among them Rishon LeZion, Rehovot, Pardes Hanna), including litigation.
  • Represented the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) in a tender to build an archive/ digital archive, a tender for replacing broadcasting and studio equipment, as well as other technology-related tenders, projects and tender–related procedures. 
  • Represented the Jerusalem Transport Master Plan Team in a complex tender process for the planning, provision, installment and maintenance of a system for management of public transportation fleets in Jerusalem, including central units and end–user units installed on public transportation vehicles.
  • Represented the Concessionaire in the project for construction of the privatized jail in Israel, in the course of proceedings carried out in the Supreme Court of Israel, in which the legality of the implementation of the jail was discussed. 
  • Provided legal consulting to the committee appointed to examine special travelling arrangements for the Haredi (ultra-orthodox) community, and was a leading contributor to the committee’s report which was filed with the Supreme Court, and which was accepted (motion 746/07 – Ragen and others vs. Ministry of Transport). 
  • Drafted and advised on legislation initiatives in the field of public transportation powered by renewable energy in general, and specifically in light rail issues, including the drafting of amendments and regulations, and drafting terms of licenses in the field of public transportation.


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2003 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem | LLB
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