Ron Tzin is a leading partner in the fields of planning and zoning, infrastructure, and environment law at Arnon, Tadmor-Levy. Representing significant entities from both the public and private sectors, his specializations include planning and zoning, real estate, local government, environmental law, regulation, aviation law, and administrative litigation.

Ron is involved in guiding and advancing national infrastructure projects and some of the most significant real estate projects in the country. He actively engages with planning institutions and judicial forums, navigating processes for the approval of master plans at all levels, from those under local government jurisdiction to national master plans, as well as various licensing procedures.

Furthermore, Ron represents both opponents and developers in objection processes across different planning institutions, in court and in administrative petitions.

Together with his long-standing team, Ron has extensive experience managing processes related to appreciation levies, within compulsory appraisal processes before appeal committees, and in courts. They have secured significant and precedent-setting decisions in the field.

Ron assists prominent entities in the field of land expropriation laws, as well as developers and those affected by lawsuits for land devaluation resulting from approved plans (lawsuits under Section 197 of the Planning and Construction Law). He also leads legal proceedings, and administrative and civil litigation in all courts related to real estate, and planning and zoning, frequently appearing before administrative courts and the Supreme Court.

With a rich background in guiding legislative processes in the planning and zoning sector, Ron advises public entities on advancing legislation and regulations in the Knesset (Israeli parliament) and its committees.

Ron is consistently ranked by Israeli and international directories as a leading expert in the field of planning and zoning. For many years, he and his partners have been ranked among the leading lawyers in the field of planning and zoning in Israel by Duns 100, and as ‘elite’ by the BDiCode rating.

He also lectures at conferences on planning and zoning, and environmental law, and writes and publishes a blog titled The Balcony, which delves into these subjects.

In 1995, Ron co-founded the Gal-On-Tzin law firm. By 2005, he was a senior partner at what had become Shavit, Bar-On, Gal-On Tzin, Witkon & Partners. In 2021, he joined Tadmor-Levy & Co., and in 2022 he became a partner at Arnon, Tadmor-Levy.

Ron holds a LL.B. degree (1989) and a LL.M. degree (1997), both from the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University. He speaks Hebrew and English.


Planning and Zoning
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1997 Tel Aviv University | LLM
1989 Tel Aviv University | LLB
1990 Israel
Ron Tzin

Ron Tzin

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Ron Tzin