Assaf is a partner in the litigation and dispute resolution department of the firm. He specializes in civil and commercial litigation, operating in the judicial system, arbitration processes, and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Assaf has a unique expertise in administrative litigation. He frequently represents private entities, governmental bodies, and public companies in proceedings before the Administrative Court, as well as before the Supreme Court, including when it acts as the High Court of Justice.

Assaf also has extensive experience in the litigation of planning and construction matters. He provides counsel to a variety of commercial entities across different sectors (financial bodies, real estate companies, the energy sector, infrastructure, and more), governmental bodies, regulatory authorities, tender committees, and private individuals. His legal focus includes administrative law, tender laws, regulation, competition laws, planning and construction, contract and commercial disputes, class action lawsuits, corporate governance, inheritance and wills, and communication laws.

Assaf has a vast and unique experience in representing clients in administrative proceedings, especially before the High Court of Justice. He has represented major energy companies in legal proceedings, including at the Supreme Court, involving national infrastructure development plans; represented the Hadassah Medical Center in a series of landmark cases before the Supreme Court on health economics matters; represented the Travel Agencies Association in petitions to the High Court during the coronavirus pandemic, petitions that led to the “opening of the skies” for the vaccinated population; represented governmental companies, including Israel Airports Authority, Israel Ports Company, and the Israel Cross-Country Highway in a series of administrative petitions and proceedings in the Supreme Court; represented the Ramat-Gan municipality in various cases, some of constitutional significance, and more.

Assaf has been consistently recommended as a “Recommended Lawyer” in the prestigious international guide, Legal 500, in the field of litigation. He has ample experience in providing legal consultation for public and private entities in preparing all types of tenders and bid proposals.

Assaf began his legal career at Hanan Melcer & Co. Law Firm (where one of the named partners later served as Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Court). He subsequently gained litigation experience at another prestigious law firm in Israel. Between 2002-2003, Assaf served as an assistant instructor to Attorney Hanan Melcer in the field of Tender Laws at the Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University. From 2011-2022, Assaf represented numerous cases alongside his partner Yechiel Kasher, who is now a judge in the Supreme Court.


Dispute Resolution: Local Litigation And Arbitration
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Recommended Lawyer - Dispute Resolution: Local Litigation And Arbitration


“Assaf Priel is a brilliant litigator – smart, knowledgeable, very quick to understand complicated issues, has excellent verbal and writing skills, and is always calm and thinks on his feet. He understands the client’s needs and business and knows how to tailor the best course of action.”

2003 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem | LL.B.
2004 Israel
Assaf Priel

Assaf Priel

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Assaf Priel