Lexology GTDT – banking regulation 2022

30 June, 2022

What are the principal governmental and regulatory policies that govern the banking sector? What are the defining characteristics of a bank to be caught by the banking laws and regulations?

Is non-bank FinTech regulated differently? Do the rules vary depending on the size or complexity of the banking institution? Which regulatory authorities are primarily responsible for overseeing banks?

Which legal and regulatory limitations apply to transactions between a bank and its affiliates?
What constitutes an ‘affiliate’ for this purpose? What are the principal regulatory challenges facing the banking industry?

Are banks subject to consumer protection rules? In what ways do you anticipate the legal and regulatory policy changing over the next few years?

How are banks supervised by their regulatory authorities? How often do these examinations occur and how extensive are they? How do the regulatory authorities enforce banking laws and regulations?

If these questions interest you, check out the through and informative article written by Aviad Lachmanovitch and Guy Fuchs.

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