Planning and Zoning


The Planning and Zoning Department at Arnon, Tadmor-Levy is among the leading, largest, and most established in Israel. The firm boasts extensive experience in representing top-tier entrepreneurs and construction companies in the economy, governmental authorities, municipalities, and private landowners. Our office provides a wide range of services in the planning and construction sector, including supporting complex planning and construction procedures at all stages, formulating plans and overseeing their approval processes, changes in land designation, land concessions, building licensing procedures, representation in objections, appeals, and more.

This department is consistently ranked at the top of all leading Israeli rating guides, thanks to the unique specializations of our attorneys in this field in the various areas of planning and construction, including the economic, environmental, and criminal aspects of planning and construction laws. The team specializes in representing Israel’s largest, leading real estate companies, public and private companies in the residential and industrial sectors, statutory corporations, governmental companies, and more. The team also has unique expertise in consulting to local and state authorities on complex and special projects, including national and urban infrastructure.

Our office supports complex real estate transactions in all aspects of planning and construction, including preliminary planning checks required, planning projects for urban renewal, such as evacuation and construction and Tama 38, and planning national and national infrastructure projects, like the Light Rail in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Haifa Bay Port, and Ramon Airport.

The wide range of specialized areas covered by our department include:

Planning and Construction Licensing – We support and represent large and complex projects in residential, employment, commercial, and industrial construction, starting from the local level all the way to the national level. Our extensive experience includes supporting urban renewal projects of hundreds and thousands of housing units, from the earliest stages of identifying the site and initial contact with rights holders, to construction licensing, project occupancy, financing, and registration of rights in the land registry. In this context, our team represents entrepreneurs in promoting the plan, in the process of objections to plans and permits, and in submitting appeals and petitions against planning institution decisions.

Litigation – We have extensive experience in litigation proceedings concerning planning and construction, including appearances and representation before various planning institutions, regulatory bodies, government offices, appeal committees, and courts at all levels, including the Supreme Court and administrative courts.

Economic Matters – We support entrepreneurs, landowners, and appraisers in proceedings to reduce betterment levies, compensation fees, development levies, maintenance funds. Our services include determining liabilities; appraisal inquiries; representation before appeal committees, decisive appraisers, and in administrative appeals; supporting victims and respondents in claims under Section 197 of the Planning and Construction Law; representing expropriators and the expropriated in compensation agreements and claims under the Land Ordinance; handling objections to land values determined by the government appraiser in allocations for various purposes of the Israel Land Authority; supporting approval of transactions with the Israel Land Authority; submitting tenders; and representation of clients in relevant litigation proceedings.

Environmental Matters – Our services in this field include handling compliance with conditions set by the Ministry of Environmental Protection for business licenses and building permits; preparing environmental reports; handling permits under the Hazardous Substances Law; dealing with issues of acoustics and noise from transportation.

Accessibility – The department has unique expertise in accessibility laws for people with disabilities, providing a variety of legal services in this area, including legal advice and representation in legal proceedings.

Enforcement – We provide representation and support in criminal proceedings, administrative orders, judicial orders, and financial sanctions, in activities against local, district, and national enforcement units.

Business Licensing – We handle petitions for issuing business licenses, and deal with criminal proceedings and administrative enforcement proceedings in the field of business licensing.

Clients Testimonials, Legal500 | 2024

The team thinks creatively, out of the box and in co-operation with our company’s internal legal team and, together, they find creative solutions for planning and promoting projects.”

The planning and zoning department of the firm accompanies us in complex and unique projects. The department is very available for us, very professional and creative. We are very satisfied with the legal service we receive.”

Clients Testimonials, Legal500 | 2023

‘The team as a whole is very attentive and gets us what we need. We particularly benefit from the team’s broad legal perspective and its ability to combine forces with other experts in the firm, in a way that ensures a systemic approach to the issues at hand and reaches the best solutions for us.”

“The team is highly professional, skilled, responsive and provides top legal services.  While our company works with other firms, Arnon, Tadmor-Levy is our first choice regarding real estate and construction practice.”