White-Collar Crime and Administrative Enforcement


At Arnon, Tadmor-Levy, we maintain a leading practice with extensive and diverse experience in criminal proceedings, particularly in the field of white-collar crime. We represent suspects and defendants being investigated or charged with offenses related to antitrust law (business restrictions), securities law, fraud, money laundering, environmental quality, labor law, planning and construction, and more.

Our attorneys provide uncompromisingly high-quality professional advice, ensuring personal attention, full availability, and a deep understanding of the complex situation our clients face, to achieve the best possible outcome.

Over the years, our attorneys have handled a variety of large, complex criminal cases, representing leading companies, senior executives, and employees. Our experience spans all stages of the criminal process, assisting clients from the moment they are summoned for investigation or raided by the authorities, advising them during the investigation, and representing them in detention hearings, pre-indictment hearings, the various stages of the court proceedings, and appeal processes.

Furthermore, we represent clients before parole committees for early release from prison and in pardon requests to the President of the State.

In addition to our specific expertise in white-collar crimes, our firm’s departments also specialize in all relevant areas of civil law (capital markets, competition, tax, labor, environmental quality, etc.), creating a perfect synergy and enabling us to provide the highest quality of professional service to our clients.


The investigation phase is critical in the criminal process. During this phase, the investigating authority gathers evidence and collects testimonies. This is also when the suspect’s version of events is first presented – a version that the courts typically regard with utmost importance.

Conduct during the investigation directly impacts the outcome of the criminal trial, and may even prevent it altogether. Therefore, correct and professional advice at this stage is crucial. Our attorneys advise throughout the investigation, from receiving the summons or the knock on the door by the investigators to interrogation, and of course, between different investigation dates.

Our attorneys are thoroughly familiar with the rights of parties under investigation, and teach our clients how to uphold these rights. We are full partners in the investigation process, providing professional, fact-based legal counsel, conducting legal analysis, and leveraging our extensive experience and long-term vision for the case.

Fully understanding the complex and unfamiliar situation in which our clients themselves, we handl all their needs and affairs, including those that relate to personal matters and regarding communication, with the necessary sensitivity and complete discretion.


At the end of the investigation phase, the material is transferred to the prosecutor (or the legal department of the investigating authority) to decide on whether to file an indictment. Typically, when an indictment for white-collar crimes is contemplated, the suspect is given the opportunity to present their arguments and to provide reasons why an indictment should not be filed against them. We believe that it is essential to utilize this right to attempt to avoid a trial, as undergoing a trial itself involves many difficulties, even if it eventually results in acquittal.

However, the hearing must be conducted wisely, carefully deciding on arguments to present and, more importantly, what not to present, as there is still a possibility that the investigation will be completed and correcting anything presented in error. Our attorneys have extensive experience in making representations during such hearings, and they have often succeeded in preventing the filing of an indictment, reducing the number of charges, or mitigating their severity.


Sometimes, the initiation of an investigation is accompanied by a request from the investigating authority, submitted to the court, to order the suspect’s detention. This process is generally brief, conducted without prior notice, and often lacks sufficient detail regarding the allegations.

Therefore, it is crucial that an experienced attorney represents the suspect in this process, presenting relevant information to the court that could prevent the detention or minimize its duration. Our attorneys have extensive experience in representing suspects in detention procedures, closely supporting the suspect and their family during this complex period.

Trial and Appeal

The trial is the main stage of the criminal process, where the alleged guilt of the suspect is examined. A criminal trial comprises various phases, including arraignment, preliminary arguments, responding to the indictment, presentation of evidence, summations, verdict, sentencing arguments, judgment, and appeal.

Our attorneys represent defendants at all trial stages, uncompromisingly fighting to achieve the best possible outcome for them. Additionally, our attorneys have extensive experience in criminal mediation, in which the parties attempt to reach a fair plea agreement. Our proven experience includes large, complex criminal cases that resulted in complete or partial acquittal, and very lenient sentences compared to the prosecution’s severe demands.

Additional Proceedings

Handling a criminal case does not end in court. Our attorneys are also experienced in representing clients in procedures required after sentencing, including arranging prison conditions, representation before parole committees for sentence reduction, and handling pardon requests submitted to the President of the State.

Compliance and Defense Program

Our firm designs structured procedures for companies to follow during raids (dawn raids), and comprehensive defense programs against committing various offenses, and assists in their implementation.

When correctly constructed and well-implemented among employees, these programs help prevent offenses and may even protect managers in the event that offenses are committed despite their implementation. The programs that our firm develops are built with the long-term in mind, and implementation is reviewed over time. We also provide refresher lectures and presentations and adapt the program in accordance with legislative and regulatory updates and developments.