Telecom and Media


Arnon, Tadmor-Levy is regarded as a leader in the fields of telecommunications and media in Israel, providing its clients with responsible, comprehensive, and in-depth legal advice and representation.

Our clients include cable TV companies, production companies, and notable personalities from the entertainment and art worlds, fixed and wireless communications companies, broadcasting bodies, internet and content providers, e-media companies, international communications infrastructure providers, telecommunication equipment manufacturers, and more. We are known for providing excellent counsel, and for our representation of productions and well-known individuals in the media sector.

Communications and Regulatory Consulting

Our lawyers are skilled in working with regulators, including the Ministry of Communications. We assist in obtaining operation permits for broadcasting centers, defining program distribution, setting pricing regulations, and preparing applications for approval of various wired and wireless equipment types. Our experience and efficient, prompt service enable our clients to meet regulatory requirements and seize appropriate opportunities to advance their businesses. Additionally, we advise major communications companies on various regulatory issues, including the use of VOB, obtaining permits for advanced communication services, and utilizing advanced technologies and databases. We also represent Israeli and foreign telecom clients in Israeli courts, including administrative proceedings, consumer lawsuits, and class actions.

Copyright, Media, and Entertainment Law

We provide comprehensive legal support in entertainment and media law, which intersects with many other legal categories in various fields related to the entertainment and media industry:

  • Music – including production agreements, distribution agreements, licensing with collective rights organizations, synchronization, and talent agreements.
  • Publishing – including publishing agreements, author agreements, representation of publishers both in Israel and internationally, advertisements, and licensing for the use of works in advertising.
  • Television and Radio – including broadcast and public performance agreements, licenses for the use of works, and regulatory arrangements with the regulator.
  • Cinema – including licensing agreements for various rights in works, agreements with photographers, directors, producers, editors, screenwriters, etc., multimedia and new media, including internet and mobile.

This area of law is highly dynamic due to the nature of the field, which includes many different types of content and works (musical, literary, artistic) including emerging digital technologies, and intersects with many other fields including intellectual property, contract law, and labor law. The firm represents companies and individuals, domestically and internationally, engaged in the entertainment and media sector in all its multifaceted categories, including websites, music and literature publishing companies, record companies, production companies, new media content companies, advertising companies, public relations firms, booking services, as well as artists, photographers, producers, and creators. Among others, we represent Tali Rights – The Collecting Society of Film and Television Creators in Israel

Our Entertainment and New Media Law team provides clients with end-to-end solutions, including:

  • Representation in negotiations, drafting agreements, and arranging licenses with the relevant bodies for joint protection of copyrights, performances, and recordings.
  • Representation of startups in licensing negotiations for the use of musical works with copyright organizations.
  • Representation in negotiations and drafting agreements between creators and producers or managers, directors, screenwriters, singers, actors, and more.
  • Representation in negotiations and drafting agreements regarding the various uses of copyright in different works (including agreements concerning production, broadcast, distribution, talent, management and publishing of works, and the use of content in new media).
  • Provision of legal opinions in the field of copyright and performers’ rights.
  • Advice and support in licensing procedures and regulation, proceedings with the Competition Commissioner, and legislative processes.

The firm has also developed expertise in managing litigation processes in complex lawsuits related to copyright and performers’ rights and is involved in the country’s largest lawsuits in these fields. Additionally, the firm specializes in broadcasting rights and provides ongoing legal advice and representation to broadcasting bodies (such as TV channels), including representation before the regulatory authority responsible for broadcasting entities, obtaining licenses for an entity’s operations, advising on compliance with quotas (such as original productions), and ongoing advice including in the field of copyright.

What the team is known for, Chambers Global | 2024

“Arnon, Tadmor-Levy has a strong presence in the telecoms and media sectors, advising a variety of service providers on M&A, class actions and IP-related issues. Its clients include cellular and satellite companies, alongside music publishers and artists. The firm advises across an array of issues, including licensing and copyright matters.”

Client Testimonials, Legal500 | 2024

“The team I worked with is super-nice, professional, and available; Their knowledge of the field instills confidence.’’

“The department has extensive knowledge in international law and English. The team wouldn’t let me hire if it couldn’t really help, being a legalist myself and an expert in music business and copyrights law, this made the team stand out to me.”