Labor and Employment


The Labor Law practice at Arnon, Tadmor-Levy is among the leading and most experienced in Israel, with a team that has rich experience in advising and representing employers in all aspects of employment relations.

The firm advises Israeli and foreign employers on coping with the dynamic reality of the Israeli work world. The department is at the forefront of legal knowledge and practice, providing clients with practical and creative solutions to the various challenges associated with employing workers.

Our clients in this field include leading Israeli and international corporations employing thousands of workers, start-ups with a few employees, high-tech companies in various sectors such as software and biotechnology, communication companies, traditional industrial companies, construction companies, service companies, and government companies.

The Labor Law department guides and continuously accompanies our clients in all aspects of employment relations, including drafting employment agreements, senior executive agreements, termination agreements, confidentiality and intellectual property rights agreements, employee retention agreements, employee loans, and more. The firm has many foreign clients whom we advise on adapting agreements and employment conditions to Israeli law.

For these clients, we also act as “eyes on the ground.” We view as part of our role updating foreign clients on legal developments, practices, and relevant events that may affect the employment of workers in Israel. The firm has extensive experience in planning and accompanying aspects related to workers, arising in the context of transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, and in the context of downsizing and organizational changes.

The firm specializes in preparing various and diverse compensation plans for workers, such as bonus plans, option plans, compensation in securities, and more.

The firm assists its clients in executing various organizational changes such as reorganization and layoffs, and it closely accompanies clients throughout these complex processes, from the planning stages through decision-making and during the execution, including advising on how to proceed afterward.

In this context, the firm guides clients on how to carry out the process in the best legal way and in a manner that integrates with the client’s organizational goals, how to deal with challenges that emerge during the process, and how to continue after its completion.

Similarly, the Labor Law department is involved in all transactions that the firm accompanies and advises clients on and advises and guides clients on aspects related to existing workers in those transactions, such as transferring employees from one employer to another, drafting relevant agreements and clauses in transaction agreements, employee retention agreements, and advising on decision-making regarding the implementation of the transaction in respect of the relevant employees.

In adapting to the dynamic reality, the firm has expertise in privacy protection in the context of labor law, such as monitoring employees, electronic information and communication in the workplace, and collecting information about employees and protecting it, and registering databases related to employees, etc.

Employee Compensation and Option Plans

Arnon, Tadmor-Levy provides consulting services to companies at various stages of their life cycle, from start-up companies to established international companies, and assists them in regulating and implementing compensation packages and benefits for their employees according to their different needs. The firm is knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of formulating and implementing incentive plans for employees, including option plans and stock-based grants.

The firm’s expertise in areas such as corporate law, securities, taxation, and labor law allows for the correct formulation of incentives when composing benefit plans for local and international companies, sometimes in cooperation with leading international firms. We advise on issues such as employee employment, compensation, termination of employment, and other issues in the field of labor law.

Consulting in these areas is provided, among other things, in the context of public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, internal structural changes, and spin-offs. We recognize the complexity in balancing employee compensation and the importance of their growth in the workplace with the dynamics required to manage a profitable, thriving, and successful company. The firm therefore offers its clients consultancy and accompaniment tailored to their needs and in accordance with variables such as the client’s industry, size, objectives, and policy.

Labor Law Litigation

The firm specializes in all types of litigation in the field of labor law and represents employers in employee lawsuits of all kinds. The firm deals with issues related to protective rights under labor laws, complex disputes between employers and former employees, representative litigation in the field of labor law, mediation, conciliation and arbitration processes, and requests for temporary remedies such as injunctions to limit occupation or prevent dismissals.

The firm represents its clients before various authorities such as State authorities and government ministries in various proceedings such as requests for permits (dismissal permits for protected populations, requests for exceptional work permits), appeals, etc.

Our attorneys accompany our clients in investigation processes of the Ministry of Economy in matters related to labor law and advise them regularly on the implementation of laws, such as the law to strengthen the enforcement of labor laws. The firm’s expertise in representative litigation is also reflected in labor courts, where the firm represents its clients in representative claims on various employee rights.

Collective Labor Law

The firm accompanies companies in the initial organization of workers, as well as in the ongoing conduct with employee representatives, including negotiations and signing collective agreements. The firm represents its clients in labor courts in collective labor disputes, including injunctions to prevent organizational measures.

The firm also represents worker committees and accompanies them in communications with the management branch, including negotiations for signing collective agreements and labor disputes.

Foreign Expert Visas

The firm accompanies its clients in obtaining work permits and visas for foreign experts in cases where the bringing in and employment of foreign experts from abroad in Israel is required.

Clients Testimonials, Legal500 | 2024

“This is the best employment practice group in Israel. Business savvy. Top professional advice and guidance, provided in a quick, pleasant and professional manner.”

We have worked with many employment law attorneys during my 20 years of legal practice and none compare to this group.”

Client Testimonials, Chambers Global | 2024

“The team at Arnon is capable of taking a complicated issue, simplifying it and offering clear advice.”

“The work the firm did for us involved not only great knowledge and understanding of employment laws, but also an understanding of our specific industry. Arnon, Tadmor-Levy performed to the highest levels on all counts. “

Clients Testimonials, Legal500 | 2023

Both Tal Keret and Shira Cohen-Mazor are stars in this field of law. I would provide the highest recommendation to any client; they are the go-to team if you can retain their services.’

Tal Keret and Shira Cohen-Mazor are outstanding professionals and bright legal minds. They master the knowledge and understanding, can immediately understand complex or sensitive situations and are able to come up with not only analysis in a clear manner, but also creative and wise solutions.

The team is energetic and active, exceptionally efficient and professional and very pleasant and communicative.

Exposure to many areas in the employment world. Extensive knowledge and experience and familiarity with many cases. Practical thinking and practical and relevant advice. Shira Lahat is a real expert in her field, available, accessible and a real partner for professional thinking.

I have worked with the firm for six years in the field of labour law. The team is excellent. Lawyers are very professional, provide quality and responsive service and give creative solutions. We really enjoy working with the lawyers who work for us.’