Intellectual Property


Arnon, Tadmor-Levy’s Intellectual Property Department represents both international and Israeli clients in intellectual property matters across a broad range of industries, including high-tech, life sciences and medical technologies, cleantech, agriculture technologies, communications, media, and entertainment.

In addition to our deep understand of intellectual property issues, we are also highly regarded for our business-minded approach and understanding of our clients’ technological fields and the environment in which they operate. This understanding enables our clients to structure, negotiate and close IP transactions effectively and efficiently in a manner that is relevant to the applicable industry.

Our multidisciplinary teams assist clients in all areas of complex cross-border transactions.  In addition to our core intellectual property team, our tax lawyers address treaty implementation, withholding and other tax issues that arise in licensing, distribution, and other commercial arrangements; our antitrust lawyers ensure that clients comply with local and regional competition laws, and our litigation team handles diverse litigation claims related to copyright, trade secret and other commercial licensing issues.


Arnon, Tadmor-Levy’s Technology and IP Commercialization Group serves Israeli and international clients across a wide range of industries. Our team advises with respect to complex licensing and commercial transactions in, among other areas, cyber, communications, internet/ data services, Internet of Things (IoT), infrastructure, mobile, semiconductors, artificial intelligence, homeland security, privacy, data security, e-commerce, information technology, fintech, data storage, software and open source issues, medical devices, life sciences, digital health, cleantech and renewable energy.

We have extensive experience in structuring, negotiating, and documenting complex strategic collaboration, joint venture and co-development transactions, IP and patent licensing, technology transfer arrangements, development and supply agreements, manufacturing, distribution and OEM agreements, and other diverse commercial and corporate finance transactions.

Our team also supports the firm’s Corporate and Commercial Department with IP-related due diligence in M&A and investment transactions, providing advice involving complex legal issues when dealing with sophisticated technology.

Since the firm represents many early-stage companies, our Technology and IP Commercialization Group is highly familiar with emerging trends in cutting-edge technology, as well as with customary commercial practices and commercialization models. We are experts in drafting and negotiating commercial terms and contracts that protect our clients’ intellectual property and other interests. In this way, we help many of our early-stage clients bring their products to market, dealing with issues arising in the development of apps and websites, including privacy and data protection issues.

Our team also has extensive experience with issues related to the Law for Encouragement of Knowledge-Based Industry and working with the Israel Innovation Authority (the IIA, previously known as the Office of the Chief Scientist). Since many Israeli technology companies often receive IIA funding for development work, this expertise is highly valued by our clients. Also appreciated is our collaborative team approach – for example, our ability to call on the expertise of the firm’s Tax and Antitrust Departments as needed. Likewise, our strong relationships with leading foreign law firms enable us to obtain input on global regulatory, distribution, competition, and data protection issues where necessary.


Arnon, Tadmor-Levy’s Trademarks team provides a wide range of services in connection with the registration and protection of trademarks through their correct use and registration, both in Israel and internationally. We assist startups from their earliest stages on everything from the choice of names being trademarked, through strategic planning and registration – both domestically and internationally, to the proper use of trademarks. We also advise large Israeli and multinational companies in connection with complex trademark issues.

Our team:

Performs domestic and international trademark searches for our Israeli and foreign clients, for the purpose of registering new trademarks or locating breaches.

Prepares legal opinions with respect to the suitability of a trademark for use and registration.

Advises on the definitions contained in the trademark application and handles the Trademark Registry process.

Drafts commercial agreements involving trademarks and goodwill.

We also work with foreign colleagues to ensure that our clients’ trademarks in Israel and in other jurisdictions receive optimal protection, representing our clients in trademark litigation in all Israeli courts.


Arnon, Tadmor-Levy’s Copyrights, Entertainment and Media Department handles a wide variety of legal issues relevant to the media and entertainment industries. We work with website developers, music and literature publishers, record labels and production companies, new media content creators, advertising agencies, public relations agencies, booking service companies, as well as artists, photographers, and producers.

We regularly assist in negotiating production agreements, distribution agreements, licensing agreements with copyright collectives, publishing agreements, writers’ agreements, licensing of works to be used in advertising, broadcast and public performance agreements, and other contracts in this field.

We also advise on matters of copyright law, providing ongoing legal services to broadcasters (including television stations), and representing them before regulators. Our lawyers also have proven expertise in managing complex litigation in copyright and performance claims, from music, publishing, television, and radio to new media, including internet and e-publishing. Representing some of Israel’s largest entertainment companies and many well-known artists, we have been involved in some of the largest such cases in the country.


The firm’s Intellectual Property Litigation Department is unique in Israel in terms of the comprehensive range of fields in which we represent our clients, who include technology companies, government entities and media and entertainment clients. Arnon, Tadmor-Levy is one of the few top-tier commercial law firms in Israel that practices IP litigation.

Our IP Litigation team has extensive expertise in dealing with commercial disputes related to patent licensing agreements and blanket copyright licensing agreements. The team is involved in enforcement proceedings involving copyright, patents, trademarks, and related proprietary rights, and also defends against claims in these areas. We handle IP disputes in a wide range of industries as well including music, publishing, television, and radio to new media, including internet and e-publishing. We represent some of Israel’s largest entertainment companies and many well-known artists.


Arnon, Tadmor-Levy represents some of Israel’s premier academic institutions in technology transfer transactions. The fact that many of Israel’s leading Technology Transfer Offices rely on us is a testament to the high regard in which they hold the firm. Our IP team also works opposite TTOs, both in Israel and abroad, including TTOs at leading universities and medical institutions in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Client Testimonials, Legal500 | 2024

The commercial/intellectual property transactions practice combines legal and business knowledge in the areas of licensing, M&A, royalties, ESOPs, etc. Arnon’s team is unique in its professionalism and experience in this practice and its application in many sectors.”

Their dedicated team of legal experts ensures that clients receive maximum support and assistance, making them a reliable choice for any legal issue. Moreover, the lawyers are not only highly professional, but also incredibly friendly and helpful. They always make us feel available and ready to help, and they take our requests seriously.”


Since combining forces in 2022, Arnon, Tadmor-Levy has grown in size and strength. It offers an increased range of commercial IP and licensing services and has enhanced its stellar technology transactional IP practice group. With a knack for advising clientele in the life sciences and biotechnology industries, the team expertly handles high-stakes cross-border negotiations. The dedicated group boasts the expertise of outstanding and highly experienced attorneys, including Eli Greenbaum. With a background in physics, he has strong technical skills, which allows for smooth communication with inventors. He is also an expert in open-source software. Daniel Green is commercially minded and has his finger on the pulse of global market trends, allowing him to create sharp and effective strategies for service users. Qualified in both Israel and New York, software, and life sciences expert Yoheved Novogroder-Shoshan skillfully find solutions in complex negotiations for players across industries.