Shelly Lev-Sherman’s main specialization is in the fields of environmental law, planning and construction law, and administrative law, in which she provides a wide range of services to clients of the firm, including governmental authorities, local authorities, and private companies. These services cover guiding and accompanying them through all stages of complex planning and construction processes, including appearances and representation before various planning institutions in all instances. It also includes consultation, representation, and appearances before the Supreme Court and administrative and regional courts in various cases related to environmental law, petitions and appeals regarding planning and construction, petitions in the field of local authority management (such as roof agreements), and more.

In the past, Shelly specialized and worked as a lawyer for several years in the organization Adam Teva V’Din, and later as a lawyer and project manager at the organization EcoPeace Middle East. Within her work in third-sector organizations, she gained extensive experience in various areas of environmental law, including water, waste, air and odor pollution, as well as drafting and promoting legislation, and managing multi-layered environmental struggles.

Shelly later worked as a lawyer in a private firm, where she provided consultation and representation to governmental authorities and private companies in the fields of environmental law, and planning and construction. She also represented various public and private entities in complex planning and legal proceedings.

Having completed her law studies at Tel Aviv University in 2009, Shelly was admitted to the Israel Bar Association in 2010. She also holds a master’s degree with honors in public policy from the Conflict Resolution and Mediation Program (2015).

Shelly joined the firm as an associate in 2021. She is fluent in Hebrew and in English.

2009 Tel Aviv University | LL.B.
2015 Tel Aviv University | M.A. (with honors)
2010 | Israel
Shelly Lev-Sherman

Shelly Lev-Sherman

132 Begin Road, Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv 6702101, Israel
Shelly Lev-Sherman