Local Government and Municipal Taxation


The Local Government and Municipal Taxation Department at Arnon, Tadmor-Levy is one of the leading, most established, and experienced in Israel, with extraordinary experience in the interfaces between local government and central government. We are deeply familiar with the legal system and the relationships between local government and central government, enabling us to advance legal processes and initiatives. The department also has unique experience in urban planning and construction, municipal taxation, and levies.

We support governmental bodies, municipalities, local councils, and private companies in all matters related to working with local government, including promoting national infrastructure projects, urban projects, supporting electoral systems for local government, and more. Our clients benefit from our deep and longstanding familiarity with local authorities and our unique understanding of how to resolve issues arising from their particular bureaucratic complexity, and of the requirements involved in working with local government and public bodies.

We are familiar with local legislation in dozens of different local governments and councils, having acquired unique expertise in many niche issues over the years. Our office’s leading departments in litigation, tenders, real estate taxation, and professional planning and construction in Israel provide comprehensive legal solutions for local government clients with diverse needs.

Municipal Taxation

The renowned Municipal Taxation Department of Arnon, Tadmor-Levy, is among the leading such practices in Israel. The team has extensive expertise in municipal taxation, including property tax payments, property tax savings, drafting property tax orders, representing authorities and taxpayers in legal and administrative proceedings, development levies for road and sidewalk infrastructures, optimization levies, betterment levies, water and sewerage fees, various local authority charges such as signage fees, waste removal fees, allowable collection expenses according to special bylaws, and building fees. Additionally, the office has special expertise in betterment levy matters of local committees.

In assisting local government, the department also engages in drafting urban bylaws regarding the imposition of mandatory payments, and advises on funding laws for the Water Authority, the national regulator of the water and sewage sector of Israel.

Our Municipal Taxation team has many years of extensive experience in advising on a variety of mandatory municipal payments, representing local government and various taxpayers in a range of cases, including cases involving millions and tens of millions of shekels.

Our services are complemented by additional services provided by other specialized departments of the firm, such as Litigation, Real Estate Taxation, Planning and Construction, Infrastructure, and others.

The Municipal Taxation team is uniquely experienced in representing clients in front of administrative and judicial courts at all relevant levels, from both sides of the table (authorities and taxpayers). This includes filing property tax appeals to appeal committees, managing administrative legal proceedings in district courts, monetary restitution claims (in Magistrate’s and District Courts), administrative petitions, and class actions in District Courts, appeals and applications for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court, betterment appeals in compensation and betterment appeal committees, appeal procedures on their decisions, and more. The team is also experienced in supporting national regulators. Attorney Bar-On has served for many years as the chairman of the property tax appeals committee.