Avi Schoen specializes in aspects of personal and family wealth management, ensuring their transfer to future generations. His extensive experience includes consulting to and representing both Israeli and foreign clients in estate management matters, drafting wills, establishing and managing trusts, guardianships, immigration procedures, and providing advice and guidance to shareholders and family corporations.

Avi is also authorized by the Administrator General of the Ministry of Justice to prepare and execute Ongoing Powers of Attorney (Living Wills).

In addition, Avi has expertise in various aspects of commercial law, including drafting commercial agreements and providing ongoing legal counsel to various types of corporations, businesses, and shareholders on a variety of commercial topics, including contracts, corporate law, partnerships, banking, finance and compliance.

Avi received his LL.B. (magna cum laude) in 2016 and his MBA (majoring in finance and banking) in 2017, in the joint program for outstanding students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Avi is fluent in Hebrew and English.

2017 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem | MBA
2016 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem | LL.B. (magna cum laude)
2018 Israel
Avi Schoen

Avi Schoen

31 Hillel Street, Jerusalem
Avi Schoen