Family Law


Arnon, Tadmor-Levy is one of the few top Israeli law firms to maintain a renowned family law practice. This practice is consistently ranked in the BDiCode and enjoys an array of leading practices in taxation, real estate, high-tech, and private and family wealth management.

We provide clear and practical advice in all aspects of family law, including all financial aspects of family dissolution, alimony, and custody, even in complex cases involving sensitive child issues, including complicated cases with international dimensions.

We offer the full spectrum of litigation services in cases of separation or divorce – both in family courts and rabbinical courts, as well as in higher legal forums. We adopt a holistic approach, taking into account both the personal and business aspects involved.

Our services cover all other areas of family law, including complex inheritance disputes, guardianship matters, immigration petitions, and child abduction cases, drafting of prenuptial and divorce agreements, representation in disputes regarding such agreements, and more. We also provide mediation services in family law and inheritance.

Our firm has a long and distinguished list of private clients in family law, which cannot be detailed due to confidentiality.

Among our services, we offer:

  • Representation in divorce cases, including property matters, alimony, custody, reconciliation (‘Shalom Bayit’) and divorce petitions.
  • Representation in inheritance disputes, including filing objections to wills and claims regarding the scope of estates.
  • Representation in immigration claims and claims for the return of abducted children.
  • Representation in all guardianship matters, including submitting applications for the appointment of a guardian and for approval of actions on behalf of a ward.
  • Representation in claims to prove family ties.
  • Drafting of financial agreements and cohabitation agreements.
  • Drafting of divorce agreements.
  • Drafting of reconciliation, and in the alternative, divorce agreements.
  • Drafting of wills, submission of requests for the execution of wills/ requests for inheritance orders.
  • Drafting of enduring powers of attorney, and conducting legal proceedings regarding these, including requests for cancellation.
  • Family mediation in divorce, inheritance, and other family matters.