Insurance and Torts


The Insurance and Torts Department at Arnon, Tadmor-Levy is one of the leaders in Israel.


The dynamic and multidisciplinary field of insurance encompasses life, property, liability, and health insurance. As financial institutions, insurance companies engage extensively with the capital market, offering savings and investment products like provident funds, executive insurance, and pension plans. As a result, the sector is subject to substantial legislation and regulation, including by the Capital Market, Insurance and Savings Authority which controls it through laws, regulations, circulars, decisions, and guidelines.

Arnon, Tadmor-Levy specializes in insurance law, offering extensive legal services to Israel’s major insurance companies. These services include:

  • Representing insurance companies in litigation proceedings, particularly class actions, across all insurance sectors.
  • Representing clients in various proceedings before the Capital Market, Insurance and Savings Authority – including regulation, hearings, financial sanctions, administrative fines, public complaints, etc.
  • Handling customer complaints and public grievances for insurance companies.
  • Assisting in implementing and assimilating the Authority’s circulars, for companies, agents, and agencies.
  • Drafting insurance agreements, considering legal precedents and the Authority’s guidelines.
  • Managing international arbitrations.
  • Handling large-scale environmental claims.
  • Providing ongoing legal advice to foreign insurance companies operating in Israel, and representing them in Israeli courts.

The firm also offers legal services regarding insurance to corporations. These include:

  • Ongoing legal advice.
  • Litigation in torts and insurance, including proceedings with broad implications.
  • Serving as mediators and arbitrators in significant insurance and damages claims.
  • Advising on insurance matters in mergers and acquisitions.
  • Monitoring insurers and reinsurers in legal proceedings.

Additionally, we provide legal opinions and contract drafting services to actuarial firms, and support insurance agencies in a variety of matters, from licensing to ongoing legal assistance.


Arnon, Tadmor-Levy represents a diverse range of clients in torts, including major commercial entities, corporations, leading insurance companies (local and international), and individuals.

The firm’s torts expertise includes:

  • Property damage, with a focus on technical, fire, and flood damage.
  • Personal injury, particularly work accidents, electrocution, occupational diseases, and road accidents.
  • Medical negligence, representing medical institutions and plaintiffs.
  • Professional negligence, especially for directors, lawyers, and other professionals.
  • Environmental claims, particularly for factories accused of causing illness through pollution.
  • Subrogation claims on behalf of insurers.
  • Monitoring services for local and international insurers.
  • Serving as mediators and arbitrators.

Our unique expertise extends to damages caused by electricity, including significant property damage and bodily harm, and insurance coverage for these issues. We also handle claims related to fire and flood damages, and those under the Road Accident Victims Compensation Law.

The firm’s extensive experience in torts has culminated in us representing large corporations in major environmental claims, like the Hiriya landfill, Ramat Hovav, and the Carmel Forest fire disaster.

Our services in this area include:

  • Litigation in torts and insurance.
  • Managing international arbitrations.
  • Handling extensive environmental claims.
  • Providing ongoing legal advice to corporations and foreign insurance companies operating in Israel.
  • Representing foreign insurance companies before Israeli judicial authorities.

“Arnon, Tadmor-Levy’s insurance team is highly skilled and experienced in insurance law. It has a deep understanding of both the law and the industry, and is committed to providing its clients with the best possible representation. It has a wealth of experience in handling a variety of complex cases.”

“The lawyers are very thorough in their work, write well, and argue well in court.’”