Blockchain and Crypto


Arnon, Tadmor-Levy is among the leading law firms in Israel in the field of blockchain and crypto, having been involved in the sector since the inception of the first projects in Israel. We are consistently recognized as first-rate experts in the field by both local and international rating guides, and represent many prominent clients in the industry on an ongoing basis.

Our clients include industry veterans like Bit2c and Bits of Gold, who have been active for over a decade. We have guided technology companies such as GK-8 (acquired by Celsius), and investors like PayPal (which acquired Curve), Overwolf, and global trading platforms considering operations in Israel, through the regulatory process to license acquisition. We also represent companies specializing in the development of products and services in the blockchain and crypto worlds that have global reach.

Our lawyers combine a broad understanding of the technology and its applications, the ability to provide legal advice on a wide range of issues, creativity, familiarity with global regulatory trends, and above all, accumulated experience that allows us to support such ventures in their activities in Israel and worldwide.

The range of legal services we provide in the field includes: representation before regulatory authorities (the Securities Authority, the Capital Market, Insurance and Savings Authority, the Israel Money Laundering and Terror Financing Prohibition Authority, and the Israel Tax Authority); setting up investment funds; algo trading; addressing money laundering and compliance issues (KYC/AML); accompanying token issuances (ICO, TGE); activity in the world of Decentralized finance (DeFi); establishing Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO); developing blockchain products for the fintech industry; advising gaming platforms integrated with cryptographic currencies; and managing payment systems.

The firm actively participates in shaping and developing the field of cryptocurrency knowledge, through participation and presenting at various conferences and panels, publishing articles, and giving interviews to the media, both in Israel and abroad. Furthermore, our team members have been actively involved in formulating policies and guidelines on cryptocurrencies with relevant Israeli regulatory bodies. The firm was one of the founders of an international network of leading lawyers in the blockchain and crypto worlds, and actively collaborates with leading firms in this field globally.