Yitzhak Rabinowitz’s expertise lies in the realm of litigation. He represents the firm’s clients in diverse judicial arenas, including commercial litigation, class action lawsuits, administrative petitions, and petitions filed before the Supreme Court. Moreover, Yitzhak adeptly handles matters relating to planning and construction claims, alongside overseeing proceedings within the Family Court and the Labor Court.

With a specialty in providing authoritative regulatory counsel to those of the firm’s clients who are required to submit comprehensive legal opinions to the regulatory bodies governing their operations, Yitzhak formulates legal opinions for esteemed authorities such as the Israeli Corporations Authority and the Israel Securities Authority. He also crafts tailored internal opinions to address the client company’s internal customers, with the aim

of minimizing risk exposure and enhancing compliance.

Notably, Yitzhak graduated with distinction from Bar-Ilan University, where he pursued his legal studies. Throughout his academic journey, he demonstrated remarkable academic excellence, assuming the role of teaching assistant in the field of corporate law, and serving as a research assistant to Prof. G. Parchomovsky. Moreover, he actively participated as a member of the highly-respected Mechkarei Mishpat journal, the official publication of the Faculty of Law at Bar-Ilan University.

Yitzhak joined the firm as an intern in 2020, and since obtaining his legal qualifications in 2021 he has served as a lawyer within the firm’s Litigation Department.

2020 Bar-Ilan University | LL.B. (cum laude)
2021 Israel
Yitzhak Rabinowitz

Yitzhak Rabinowitz

132 Begin Road, Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv 6702101, Israel
Yitzhak Rabinowitz