Nataly specializes in providing comprehensive support to both domestic and international investors, particularly in the dynamic field of investments in hi-tech companies. Her expertise spans a wide range of clients, including venture capital funds, prominent multinational corporations, and individual investors from around the world.

Nataly has played a pivotal role in some of the most significant M&A transactions within the Israeli ecosystem. Notably, she represented Intel during its acquisition of Mobileye.

Furthermore, Nataly has garnered substantial experience in assisting entrepreneurs and start-ups throughout every stage of their lifecycle. From the initial foundation of companies to their representation in M&A transactions, she has been a trusted legal advisor, guiding her clients through the intricacies of the various processes.

In addition to her knowledge and proficiency in financing transactions, Nataly has experience representing foreign banks involved in financing Israeli companies. Her expertise extends to capital raising initiatives and various other commercial transactions.

Nataly provides comprehensive counsel to her clients across multiple areas of corporate law, corporate governance, and financing transactions. She offers her expertise to technology companies and international corporations operating in diverse industries such as software, telecommunications, internet, medical devices, gaming, cyber, smart transportation, and agriculture (agritech).

In her role, Nataly collaborates closely with CEOs, VPs, and directors of start-up companies, providing regular guidance on transactions and strategic matters.

Furthermore, Nataly actively participates as a speaker in various forums, addressing a wide range of legal topics, including engagements with incubators that support the growth of start-up ventures.

Nataly joined the firm as an attorney in 2016.

Nataly is fluent in both English and Hebrew.


Hi-Tech & Start-Ups
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Hi-Tech & Start-Ups


“Natalie is sharp, smart and knowledgeable. We work closely almost on a daily basis and we truly appreciate her professionalism and willingness to help us achieve our goals.”

2015 University of Haifa | LLB
2015 University of Haifa | BA in Economics
2016 Israel
Nataly Margalit

Nataly Margalit

132 Begin Road, Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv 6702101, Israel
Nataly Margalit