Gitit Adler-Ramot specializes in civil and commercial litigation in various civil fields, including contracts, corporations, banking, class actions, legal proceedings related to construction projects, and administrative petitions.

In 2023, Gitit was selected for Globes’ prestigious ‘40 Under 40 – Promising Leadership’ list – the sole partner from a law firm among all the selectees.

Gitit completed her undergraduate studies in law (with honors) in 2010, and her master’s degree in business administration in 2011, both at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She also worked as a teaching assistant in various courses at the Faculty of Law at the University.


Gitit was licensed as an attorney in Israel in 2011.

2011 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem | MBA
2010 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem | LLB
2011 Israel
Gitit Ramot Adler

Gitit Ramot-Adler

31 Hillel Street, Jerusalem
Gitit Ramot Adler