Doron Tamir has specialized for over two decades in representing public and private entities in infrastructure projects and international tenders, in various fields such as infrastructure, transportation (light rail, Haifa’s metro system, buses, including hybrid buses), infrastructure and technology projects, as well as dealing with projects in the natural gas, energy, environmental quality, sewage treatment, and water sectors.

Prestigious international ranking guides, such as Chambers Global, Who’s Who Legal, IFLR1000, The Legal 500, and Legal Experts, recognize Doron’s extensive expertise in project finance, infrastructure, energy, tenders, transportation, government contracts, and more.

Doron closely accompanies many complex, high-profile government/public tenders and, along with his team, represents government ministries, state-owned companies, and other public bodies, including the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, Ministry of Energy, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Social Equality and the Advancement of the Status of Women of Israel, Ministry of National Security, Inbal Insurance Company (in the field of tenders and projects), Netivei Israel – National Transport Infrastructure Company Ltd., government housing company “Dira Lehashkir,” Yefe Nof company in the mass transportation sector (Haifa’s metro project), the Jerusalem Transportation Master Plan Team (Jerusalem light rail project – including current and future lines), the Electricity Authority, the Water Authority, and others.

Doron has amassed extensive experience in assisting government ministries, state-owned companies, statutory and other public bodies over many years. He has acquired significant expertise in leading and promoting projects, accompanying tender processes from their early stages (including advising during the formulation of alternatives), drafting documents for tender processes, accompanying tender processes, preparing legislation accompanying the tenders, litigation, and supporting the public sector and private clients in the implementation and execution stages of projects.

His experience includes preparing hundreds of tenders and accompanying projects in government offices/public bodies and working with public bodies such as the Electricity Authority, the Water Authority, the Broadcasting Authority, and various state-owned companies.

Doron has also accompanied public bodies and others from their establishment, including the government housing company “Dira Lehashkir,” and Israel Natural Gas Lines Ltd., in all its tenders during its first five years of existence (over 20 large and technologically-complex tenders, most of them in English). He also accompanies top-tier government projects and tenders in Israel, including giant tenders for solar power generation in the Ashalim area in the Negev and Dimona, Tel Aviv, and the J-NET project (the existing and future lines in Jerusalem), as well as working with the government company TransIsrael in DB tenders, Dira Lehashkir, and more.

Doron also has extensive experience in projects promoting the next generation of “green” public transportation in Israel and is involved in tenders promoted by the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Energy, and Ministry of Transport and Road Safety.

In the academic domain, Doron lectures in various forums, including the Israel Bar Association (in the field of projects and tenders), tender law courses for government entities, courses for senior legal managers, and delivers lectures and training in tender law for public clients and private bodies with relevant legal departments dealing with tenders. He also teaches tender law for a bachelor’s degree in law at Sapir Academic College’s School of Law. Doron has published numerous articles in the field of tenders and environmental quality, and his publications have been frequently cited in jurisprudence and academic literature.

Furthermore, Doron co-authored with another author the professional book “Laws of Negotiable Instruments in Court Rulings” (three editions in thousands of copies published so far), wrote the article “Guarantees in Tenders: A New Solution” which led to changes in the conduct of tender committees in Israel, authored a comprehensive article entitled “Revisiting the Question of the Obligation to Disqualify a Beneficial Guarantee in a Tender”, published in the Corporate Law journal (this article has been cited in a number of court rulings in the field of tenders as well as in legal articles). He also wrote a chapter on environmental quality in “The International Comparative Legal Guide to Environment and Climate Change” and co-authored the chapter on arbitration law published in The Comparative Legal Guide to International Arbitration 2005.

With a long history of working with the Israel Bar Association, Doron serves in a voluntary capacity as the chairman of the Disciplinary Court in the Jerusalem District. In the past, he has held numerous other positions at the Israel Bar Association, including serving as chairman of the Regional Ethics Committee of the Jerusalem District for 13 years, as chairman of the Institute for Continuing Legal Education, as a member of the Jerusalem District Committee and, for a short period, as a member of the Central Committee and the National Council. He was also a member of the examining committee of the Israel Bar Association appointed by the Ministry of Justice. 

Additionally, Doron is a member of the management of the Bizchut association for people with disabilities, Doron actively participates in initiatives to protect the rights of people with disabilities. He is also a member of this association’s organization and finance committee and is active in additional organizations that assist people in need.


  • Represented the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, and Jerusalem Municipality in the inter-ministerial tender committee for the planning, financing, establishment, and operation of the Jerusalem Light Rail’s Green Line, known as the J-NET project, and accompanied the tender committee for the Blue Line, which will join this network.
  • Represented the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Energy, and Israel Public Utility Authority for Electricity in tenders for the operation of three solar power stations in the on a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) basis. These pioneering and innovative projects were worth over two billion dollars. Also worked on a tender for the establishment of solar fields in Dimona.
  • Represented the Israel Natural Gas Lines Ltd. in many tenders, including the establishment of the national gas transmission network system and all its components.
  • Dealt with various clients regarding regulatory aspects in the areas of waste and pollution, hazardous materials, environmental hazards, and more.
  • Represented the government company TransIsrael in tenders and consultancy related to the Haifa-Nazareth light rail.
  • Worked with government housing company “Dira Lehashkir” from its inception and represented it in various legal aspects related to its activities.
  • Represented the Ministry of Finance and the Prime Minister’s Office in a public BOT tender for the construction and operation of the State Archives in the city of Arad.
  • Represented the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety in numerous tenders for the privatization of public transportation lines and innovative projects in transportation that promote the reduction of air pollution, including the use of environmentally-friendly energy sources, such as electricity and gas,
  • Handled a complex technological tender published by the Ministry of National Security in connection with a project for the establishment, operation, and maintenance of an electronic system for the enforcing of traffic violations by the Israel Police (Tender “A/3”), including accompanying the Ministry and the Israel Police throughout the project.
  • Acted as legal advisor to the inter-ministerial committee of government ministries – the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, and the Local Government a tender for a project to establish 1,000 classrooms using the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) method.
  • Acted as legal advisor to the inter-ministerial committee of government ministries – the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Finance, and the Water Authority in a water desalination project in Yeruham Plain and Rotem Plain, which involved unique issues in the division of risks between the public and private sectors.
  • Represented clients in water purification, including operating sewage treatment facilities and dealing with wells in the water sector.
  • Doron advises bodies operating in the infrastructure and water sectors, including water for communities, sewage treatment, treatment and purification of well water, in various tenders issued by local authorities, including Rishon LeZion, Rehovot, Pardes Hanna, and represented client/s in several engagements with public bodies for advanced sewage treatment.
  • Represented clients before the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Interior Affairs, and other government bodies in tenders for the establishment of facilities and infrastructures at IDF bases.
  • Accompanied the establishment of the Water and Sewage Corporation of Rosh HaAyin Municipality (“Ein Afek”) and dealt with many other issues before water and sewage corporations.
  • Closely accompanied legislative initiatives in the field of public transportation in general, and in light rail issues in particular, including drafting amendments to the Railways Ordinance to regulate the ongoing privatization in this field, as well as drafting regulations related to light rails, amendments to the Traffic Ordinance regarding local authorities’ rights to set rules for parking, and working closely with legal advisors in the Ministry of Finance and the Transport and Road Safety. In the context of handling tenders for solar power generation (as detailed above), there was a need to make corrections and updates to the standards issued by the Public Services Authority Electricity and to make corrections and updates to regulations, in which Doron and his team were heavily involved.


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‘Doron Tamir leads one of the strongest teams in the Energy practice in Israel, acting for the public sector. The team is leading the biggest and most important projects in this field of expertise.’

‘Doron Tamir stands out in the BOT energy markets as a leader of the projects the team is working on.’

He is a true professional, very knowledgeable and knows how to provide the best service.’

1991 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem | LLB
1992 Israel
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Chairman of the Disciplinary Court | Jerusalem District
Member of Managment of Bizchut Association for people with disabilities
Doron Tamir

Doron Tamir

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