Doron Kilshtin is a partner in the Commercial Litigation practice. He has significant experience in commercial and corporate litigation, civil disputes, administrative proceedings, class actions, Private-Public Partnership (PPP) disputes, and bids & tenders. He regularly represents both Israeli and foreign corporations in a wide variety of complex disputes before all instances of Israeli civil courts, as well as administrative and arbitral tribunals.

Doron successfully represents clients in complex civil and criminal Competition/antitrust litigation before the Competition Tribunal, in class actions, and Supreme Court appeals. He regularly advises and represents leading corporations and individuals under ICA investigation regarding alleged violations of competition/antitrust law.

Before joining the firm, Doron was an associate at Lipa Meir & Co. (2005-2008) where he specialized in the areas of healthcare institutions and bankruptcy.


Doron Kilshtin
2009 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (In collaboration with Georgetown University) | LLM (cumma cum laude)
2005 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem | LLB (cumma cum laude)
2006 Israel
Doron Kilshtin

Doron Kilshtin

132 Begin Road, Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv 6702101, Israel
Doron Kilshtin