Atara interns in the firm’s commercial department, providing legal advice to companies in a variety of fields and assisting with commercial transactions.

Atara has previous experience in real estate law, inheritance law and durable powers of attorney.

Atara graduated with a degree in law, economics and philosophy under Hebrew University’s Machpil Program (PLE) in 2023. During her studies, she participated in an entrepreneurship course at the Hebrew University, where she was part of a team that developed a product in the biotech field, including an engineering concept, a provisional patent application and a business plan.

Atara is fluent in both Hebrew and English.

2023 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem | LL.B.
2023 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem | B.A. Economics-Philosophy

Atara Madar

132 Begin Road, Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv 6702101, Israel