Amos Oseasohn specializes in representing public and private entities in complex tenders in various fields, primarily infrastructure, transportation, construction, and technology. Within the framework of his work, Amos works closely with the tender committees of the largest public entities in Israel, including those of: the Ministry of Finance; the Ministry of Transport; the Prime Minister’s Office; the Ministry of National Security; Inbal Insurance Company (in the field of tenders and projects); NTA Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd.; Apartment For Rent – Rental Housing Government Company Ltd.; Netivei Israel – National Transport Infrastructure Company Ltd.; Trans Israel Ltd.; Yefe Nof Transport Infrastructure and Construction Ltd.; and more.

Among other things, Amos has become an expert in providing the following legal services for the various tender committees mentioned above: advice on decision-making in the processing of tenders, including deliberations regarding the issue of exemptions from the requirement for a tender; drafting of tender documents, including contracts, and preparation for the publication of the tender; advising those involved in the preparation of the tender throughout the process, including the preparation and publication of clarification notices to the bidders and providing of answers in the case of requests for clarifications; and supporting the review of the submitted bids by the bidders, until the stage of announcing the winning bid.

In addition, Amos is experienced in all aspects of litigation, with a particular focus on administrative litigation, in the field of tender law. His rich experience in this field includes representing public and private entities in administrative petitions that deal with tender law. In this context, Amos has participated in several petitions in which the judgments handed down created new case law. Amos also represents various entities in civil and commercial litigation cases, which include contractual disputes and complex financial disputes.

Since 2017, Amos has been providing pro bono legal services to HIAS. As part of this legal activity, Amos represents asylum seekers and provides them with legal assistance in the process of submitting their applications for refugee status in Israel, representing them in appeals and other legal proceedings dealing with their applications, as required.

In addition, since 2020, Amos has been assisting Attorney Doron Tamir in teaching a course called Tender Law in Practice at the Sapir College Law School.

Amos is fluent in both Hebrew and English. He received his LLB from the College of Management Academic Studies (2011), and his LLM from Tel Aviv University (2014). Having been admitted to the Israel Bar in 2012, Amos joined the firm as a lawyer in 2016 and became a partner in 2022.




“Particularly outstanding is Amos Oseasohn, who has supported our company for many years. He is a dedicated team player, deeply familiar with all aspects of our company, he assists in solving problems, is always available, service-oriented, polite, streamlines work methods and is involved and creative.”

2014 Tel Aviv University | LLM
2011 The College of Management | LLB
2012 Israel
Amos Oseasohn

Amos Oseasohn

132 Begin Road, Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv 6702101, Israel
Amos Oseasohn