Restructuring and Insolvency


The Restructuring and Insolvency Department at Arnon, Tadmor-Levy is recognized as one of Israel’s leading authorities in the field. Our team provides sophisticated and comprehensive legal counsel in all facets of insolvency, restructuring, creditor agreements, debt restructuring, asset consolidation, liquidations, and related areas.

Representing a diverse clientele, including distressed corporations, we regularly advocate for several prominent Israeli banks, key financial creditors – both domestic and international – as well as directors and other stakeholders in a wide range of insolvency and restructuring matters.

Our department consistently tops respected legal ranking tables, such as Chambers and Partners, The Legal 500, Duns 100, and BDiCode, reflecting our exceptional expertise and contributions in this field. Our attorneys are frequently listed among the trustees designated by the Commissioner of Insolvency Proceedings, and are appointed by courts to significant roles in a range of cases, encompassing both high-profile and complex scenarios.

We hold specialized proficiency in orchestrating corporate turnaround strategies, devising effective recovery plans, and negotiating discreet creditor settlements, starting from the inception of the restructuring process. We advocate a proactive and holistic approach, often finding that corporate rejuvenation serves the best interests of all parties involved, compared to other alternatives.

Arnon, Tadmor-Levy has a wealth of experience in securities law and the debt restructuring of publicly traded companies, skilfully representing both debtor entities and their bondholders. Our firm’s track record includes representing numerous public companies, bondholders, institutional investors, and controlling shareholders in a variety of debt restructuring matters, playing a pivotal role in some of the most intricate restructuring arrangements executed in Israel in recent years. Our client roster spans leading companies across various industries, financial institutions, investment funds, and more, reflecting our firm’s standing as a bastion of legal excellence in insolvency and restructuring.

Our expertise extends to handling international insolvency cases, offering comprehensive legal services in cases involving cross-border debt complexities that demand broad and multifaceted legal acumen.

In our commitment to delivering optimal results for our clients, our Restructuring and Insolvency Department works in seamless integration with other specialized departments within the firm, including Labor, Tax, and Real Estate. This collaborative approach ensures that we provide holistic solutions to complex challenges that emerge in insolvency and restructuring cases.

Client Testimonials, Chambers Global | 2024

“The team we work with is all-hands-on-deck; they are super-synched, work well together and always responsive.”

Client Testimonials, The Legal 500 | 2023

Undoubtedly, the insolvency and restructuring team is of high professionalism.

The partners in charge of this field – Gil Oren, Yuval Bargil – and their teams are very professional, trustworthy, collaborative, and well appreciated by the courts and other parties involved in the proceedings.