Industry Focus – Being smart about AI

26 December, 2023

Artificial intelligence is undeniably transforming the legal landscape, but it’s true power lies in collaboration with the creative input and real-world experience of lawyers and General Counsels.

Partner, Roy Keidar, who heads the Emerging Technologies practice at Israeli law firm, Arnon, Tadmor-Levy adds: “We see the impact across the board. The growing use of Generative AI tools by lawyers entails significant benefits for lawyers which are still at its nascent stages, but also poses significant challenges to protect privileged information of clients, to ensure adequate use to avoid issues of professional liability, and to develop the right program for training the future generation of lawyers.”

Discover how AI is impacting clients and uncover the incredible opportunities and challenges it presents for companies, governments, consumers and law firms in the latest Industry Focus article by Nishlis.

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