Tamar Regev is a highly accomplished HR professional with 20 years of strategic leadership experience, including 15 years as a Vice President of HR. Her expertise spans organizational development, training, cross-organizational processes, change management, and cost-benefit analysis. Tamar’s managerial skills, deep business acumen, and outstanding communication abilities have made her a pivotal team player in various organizations. Notably, she has played a critical role in executive teams, fostering success through her insightful approach to HR management.

Driving Success Through Strategic HR Leadership

Tamar Regev’s career has been marked by impactful roles in prestigious organizations, such as leading vehicle importer Colmobil Corp, Clal Finance Investment Management and Cellcom. Her capabilities extend to managing HR budgets, driving change,

and crafting policies and processes for training, development, and organizational transformation. With a MBA from Tel-Aviv University, specializing in HR, and a BSc in Economics and Industrial Engineering from Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Tamar’s dynamic approach to HR leadership continues to contribute to the growth and success of the organizations she serves.

Tamar Regev

Tamar Regev

Head of HR
132 Begin Road, Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv 6702101, Israel
Tamar Regev