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Sivan specializes in real estate and commercial law, offering extensive experience in overseeing diverse real estate transactions at all stages. Her practice includes representing urban renewal transactions, purchase groups, and combination transactions. Sivan is proficient in managing complex sales and rental agreements, as well as the registration of transactions.

She is particularly adept at handling intricate urban renewal transactions such as Pinoy Binui and TAMA 38. Sivan guides transactions comprehensively, from the initial contract agreement with landowners, through the planning and financing stages, negotiations with contractors and consultants, to the project’s implementation, involving the sale of apartments/assets and regulatory registration. She also manages purchase groups in office and commercial projects and navigates complex combination transactions, sales,

and leases. Additionally, Sivan provides ongoing legal support to leading companies and entrepreneurs.

Sivan joined the firm as an attorney in 2010 and attained partner status in 2020.

Her academic background includes a bachelor’s degree in law (with distinction) from the University of Haifa in 2009, and she qualified as a lawyer in Israel in 2010.

2022 Goma Israeli Center for Mediation
2009 Haifa University | LLB
2010 Israel
Sivan Gilron Dotan

Sivan Gilron-Dotan

132 Begin Road, Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv 6702101, Israel
Sivan Gilron Dotan