Shimon Aviran specializes in transactions in Defense and HLS (Home Land Security), offering invaluable support to a wide range of clients, including prominent defense and HLS companies in Israel and abroad. He provides his expertise, after long service with the Israeli Ministry of Defense. Shimon is widely recognized for his vast experience and is well versed in practices, laws and regulations governing the heavily regulated defense sector.

Shimon has valuable experience in the Defense and HLS field after his long service with the Israeli Ministry of Defense. His last appointment with the Israel Ministry of Defense was Senior Deputy Legal Advisor. He is well connected to the relevant Government officials engaged in this field.

He specializes in drafting defense commercial agreements, joint ventures, assisting entities to participate in Government to Government transactions

and dealing with DECA’s Regulations relating to export from Israel of Defense equipment.

Shimon also assists foreign and Israeli entities in the purchase of surplus defense equipment from the Israel Ministry of Defense.

Shimon represents Defense Entities in front of committees regulated by the Ministry of Defense (DECA, MANHAR, SIBAT, MALMAB and more.)

He well knows how to help the firm’s clients to avoid all types of potential administrative and procedural difficulties and barriers within the Israeli Administration.

1982 Tel Aviv University | LLB
1983 Israel
Shimon Aviran

Shimon Aviran

Of Counsel
132 Begin Road, Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv 6702101, Israel
Shimon Aviran