Nir is a partner in the firm’s litigation group. His practice includes the representation of various corporations (companies, partnerships, associations, non-profits, etc.) and individuals in complex legal proceedings of significant scale, in all courts and tribunals, from the Supreme Court to arbitration and mediation.

Nir specializes, inter alia, in commercial, civil and administrative litigation, including in the fields of contracts, companies, securities and capital markets, class actions, derivative suits, tenders, communications, associations, representation of officers and executives, representation of auditors, contractors and developers of real estate, defamation and more.

Moreover, Nir has also been involved in some of the largest and most significant insolvency cases in Israel, including IDB, Habas, Globus Max, Dorea and others, and is highly familiarized

with the legal aspects of restructuring and insolvency, debt arrangements, liquidations and receiverships.

His expertise and uncompromising professionalism are sought after by many clients, among them, the largest accounting firms in Israel (‘Big 4’), development and construction companies, local and foreign banks, foreign governments, both private and public commercial companies, and many others in Israel and abroad.

Nir received his LL.B, with honors, as well as a B.A. (Business Administration) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2005. He was admitted to the Israel Bar in 2006, joined the firm that year and became a partner in 2014.


Nir Rozner
2005 The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem | LLB
2005 The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem | BA
2006 Israel
Nir Rozner

Nir Rosner

132 Begin Road, Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv 6702101, Israel
Nir Rozner