Michal Sagmon specializes in real estate and commercial law. Her experience includes negotiation and preparation of real estate acquisition agreements, construction agreements, management agreements, long-term commercial lease agreements, and financing agreements.

Michal’s journey with the firm began in 1993 as an intern.


Representation of the development company “Azorim” in advancing various projects, for housing and mix uses, such as:

  • “Neeman Buildings” in Tel – Aviv (approximately 200 housing units).
  • “Okeanos Aparthotel” in Herzliya (approximately 200 units).
  • “Herzliya Hills” in Herzliya (approximately 600 housing units).
  • “Moment” in Bat – Yam, a redevelopment project (approximately 600 housing units).
  • a redevelopment project in the Weizmann complex in Herzliya (approximately 1,800 housing units).
  • Representation of development companies in advancing various projects for mix uses, such as: THE JAFFA HOTEL in Tel Aviv; David Promenade Residences and Kempinski Hotel in Tel Aviv.
1993 Tel Aviv University | LL.B.
1995 Israel
Michal Sagmon

Michal Sagmon

132 Begin Road, Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv 6702101, Israel
Michal Sagmon