Avichai Isaschar is a legal professional specializing in the field of commercial litigation. He represents individuals, corporations, and private entities in complex legal proceedings and has a distinguished record of appearances before courts and tribunals, including cases of mediation and arbitration, skillfully handling high-stakes cases to achieve favorable outcomes for his clients.

Avichai deals with civil claims including civil litigation, real estate disputes, contract law, corporate matters, securities regulations, consumer claims, class actions, and aviation law. His comprehensive understanding of these areas enables him to provide clients with strategic counsel and diligent representation.

Playing a pivotal role in guiding legal departments of large corporate entities across diverse industries, including communications, banking aviation, Avichai advises on ongoing

legal matters, offering invaluable guidance on consumer protection, contract negotiations, and other critical legal aspects. He assists clients of the firm in crisis management, navigating challenging situations and proactively mitigating legal risks. Through a deep understanding of the wide-ranging legal implications, he develops effective strategies to address crises, ensuring the best possible outcomes while safeguarding his clients’ interests.

Avichai speaks Hebrew and English.


2020 Bar-Ilan University | LL.B.
2021 Israel
Avichai Isaschar

Avichai Isaschar

132 Begin Road, Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv 6702101, Israel
Avichai Isaschar